Joan A Ruiz Calafí

RDI Manager | Unió Nuts COOP
Joan A Ruiz Calafí


Technical and administrative management and coordination of innovation projects in the wine, oil and nuts businesses and development of new nut products.


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Valorization of legumes and nuts

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Joan A Ruiz Calafí
Joan A Ruiz Calafí Unió Nuts COOP RDI Manager

26-09-2023 13:00 26-09-2023 13:30 Europe/Madrid Valorization of legumes and nuts

IRTA, together with local producers, highlights "plant based" varieties of legumes and nuts from the #Localnutleg Project consortium. This initiative defends the "Mediterranean quality" seal, promotes innovation in formulations and considers 3D printing, but above all it claims Km.0 production in a range of varieties increasingly in demand by the consumer, favoring local development and territorial.

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