VIP Buyers Programme

VIP Buyers Programme aims to ensure the presence of top-level national buyers/distributors.

Who can participate in the VIP Buyers Programme?

Targeted to national buyers with following profile:

*Belonging to autonomous communities other than Catalonia.

What are the benefits of being part of the VIP Buyers Programme?

What are the commitments of the programme?

* The planning of the meeting agenda will be done through Alimentaria Foodtech Matchmaking, a tool that will be managed by the Organization according to its interests

Terms and conditions

We recommend that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions governing the VIP Buyers Programme.

The VIP Buyers selection is determined according to the participation criteria indicated by the organization of Alimentaria FoodTech.

Come as a VIP Buyer!

Fill out the following application form.

Alimentaria FoodTech will analyze the applicant profiles to belong to the VIP Buyer Programme and will validate those suitable according to the criteria of the Organization.

Do you have any questions about the VIP Buyers Programme?

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