Jordi Calbet Tarragó

CEO | IberInsect SL
Jordi Calbet Tarragó


Graduated from ESADE with an MBA (UPC) and PDD from IESE, he has dedicated a large part of his career to CUNICARN, and has been CEO of Ibserinsect for three years.


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Future of insect protein

David Torrallardona Llobera
David Torrallardona Llobera IRTA Researcher
Jordi Calbet Tarragó
Jordi Calbet Tarragó IberInsect SL CEO

27-09-2023 13:30 27-09-2023 14:15 Europe/Madrid Future of insect protein

Ibserinsect is a biotechnology company dedicated to the production and research of products derived from Tenebrio Molitor, the mealworm. Collaborate with IRTA to research healthy, nutritional and sustainable animal feed alternatives based on insect protein.

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